Last withdrawal for 2023

Applications must be received by Wednesday 13 December, 10am.

Toi Tupu - Withdrawals

Withdrawal applications must be received by Wednesday 13 December, 10am to be processed in time before summer close down period.

All applications received after this date will be processed in the new year on Wednesday 10 January for payment on Friday 12 January.

Home Purchasing

Toi Tupu Members aged 18 years and over are able to withdraw funds from their Toi Tupu to purchase a home.
Apply to withdraw

Financial Hardship

If you require support, you can apply to withdraw funds under the financial hardship process.
Apply to withdraw

Scheduled Withdrawal

The next scheduled withdrawal will take place March/April 2024.

How can I apply to withdraw my deposits during the withdrawal periods?

You must be at least 18-years of age to withdraw your deposits. If you were under-18 years of age when your first deposit was made, you must complete our financial literacy quiz before you can withdraw (see below).

Normally, you may not withdraw a deposit until at least 12 months after it was made. After this 12-month period, you can withdraw your deposit during one of our regular withdrawal periods. There will be two every year.

The withdrawal portal and application form will be available during the withdrawal periods.

You must submit your application by 5pm on the closing day to be eligible to withdraw. For these withdrawals, a summary of our terms and conditions can be found in our General Withdrawals Policy.

What happens to my Deposits if I pass away?

Once we receive notice of a member's passing deposits will become payable to the member's Estate. If unclaimed after five years, Whai Rawa no longer holds the funds in your name.

How to apply for funds to be released to member's Estate:

Send certified copies of the relevant completed form and required documents to:

  • [email protected]; or 
  • Post to P.O. Box 106-649, Auckland City 1143; or
  • Courier or drop off to 29 Dockside Lane, Aucland 1010

What if I need to withdraw my Deposits now?

Outside the Scheduled Periods above, you can apply to withdraw at any time for:

  1. Financial Hardship; or
  2. Home Purchasing.

The relevant policy and criteria can be found here.

If you think you meet the criteria, you can apply by clicking here.

If you were under-18 when you received your first deposit:

You need to complete our financial literacy quiz and score at least 75% (15/20 questions) before you can withdraw your deposits.

You will need access to a calculator to complete the quiz.

You may repeat the quiz as many times as needed.

Once you have completed the quiz with a passing score, you will have met our financial literacy requirement to withdraw.





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