Hawaiki papa kāinga development

We have one 4-bedroom (2-level) whare available for whānau to purchase.


Being good hosts and keeping people safe

As the hosts and caretakers of Te Tōangaroa Quay Park, our whānau want to see that we are creating a positive and safe environment for everyone to enjoy.

These environments should not only be enjoyable but speak to our Tuakiritanga.

Some of the feedback whānau shared with us included; 

  • Need more gathering spaces to kaitahi
  • New way-finding signage and location markers with cultural significance
  • Create a family-friendly, mellow space that respects the environment
  • Tangihua street needs to be re-evaluated. Key problem areas being that it severs two blocks within Quay Park and the opportunity for pedestrian crossing needs to be improved
  • An overbridge needed at Tangihua street
  • Introduce kai stalls
  • Build a train stop by Spark Arena

 The Masterplan has incorporated most of this feedback. We want to pedestrianise Tangihua Street as it has been identified as a real safety issue. There will be safe areas that work with the natural environment, such as biodiversity parks and reserves with space for community markets.

These are spaces where whānau and friends could gather over kai, feel safe, and enjoy the natural environment in the middle of a bustling CBD.

He aha ō koutou whakaaro?