Quay Park hīkoi whakaaro - Connecting whānau with Te Tōangaroa

Members of our hapū want to see the Te Tōangaroa precinct as a space that whānau can enjoy. Not only a place to bring tamariki or kaitahi, but a place whānau can use to showcase our hītori and culture. 

They also want to see whānau mahi opportunities explored that could bring economic prosperity to Whai Rawa, the precinct and to the people. 

Some of the feedback whānau shared with us included; 

  • Markets to showcase whānau art, kai trucks
  • Creating opportunities for whānau to work
  • Utilising whānau skills
  • Opportunity for whānau to live closer to the city
  • Harakeke for weaving
  • Creating a family-friendly, mellow place that respects environment
  • More gathering spaces, places to kaitahi

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