Kete Pūtea - 5 Simple Tips to Boost Savings

Increasing how much you save can be tight so we've come up with 5 small changes you can make that won't be too hard to sacrifice but can pay off in the long run.

Committing to a set sum to put away every week in a savings account you can’t touch will make saving so much easier but if things are already quite tight you might want to start small. In previous korero, we’ve shared tips for saving and creating a budget, this time we’ve got 5 simple changes you can make to boost your savings.

Skip the latte and cappuccino

These days a coffee can cost around $5. If you gave up just one coffee a week, substituted it with instant and put that money away, you’d save $260 after a year.

Homemade lunch

It’s easy to spend $15 on lunch. It’s just as easy to make a sandwich and take a piece of fruit to mahi. Forgo the sushi rolls and subs at least once a week and you could save around $750 a year.


Netflix, Lightbox, Neon, Disney Plus – they were essential for some households during lockdown, but do you need more than one subscription? You might want to consider cutting down to one or going halves with a whānau member on a subscription that allows more than one device to play at a time. Depending on how many subscriptions you have, you could save at least $100 over a year.

Divert promo newsletters


If emails with these subject lines trigger you to go on a shopping spree then create a separate email account for e-newsletters. It can help curb those impulse purchases!

Shop around

Check out what competing providers are offering when it comes to your phone, internet, power, insurance and even banking. These bills combined can make up a significant part of our expenses so even a $10 saving each month is better than nothing.

You could have an extra $2000 in your savings account after a year of making these small changes. Want to share your tips? Let us know by emailing w[email protected]