Kaimahi Kōrero: Stephen Loizou, Asset Manager


Te Tōangaroa, is always a priority for Whai Rawa given its significance from a commercial perspective and the part it plays in establishing our Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei presence in Te Pokapū o Tāmaki. We’ve been investing in the reinvigoration of the precinct with hopes of being a vibrant hub for businesses and the people of Tāmaki.

Stephen Loizou joined our team last year as the Property Manager for Te Tōangaroa and is passionate about vision for what the future could look like.

Moving to Auckland to study property, Stephen always knew that's where his passion lay. He started in CBRE as a Research Assistant, then moved to the Property Management Investment Team at Auckland Airport where he worked for four years after he graduated.

“What drew me to Whai Rawa is that there is a consolidated portfolio that you can make meaningful changes in. That was a real incentive for me to come here, alongside the strong iwi values,” he says.

Stephen, who began his new role in June 2022, admits that he is still in the process of learning and adapting but glad to have been part of the new office fit-out for Whai Rawa and the Trust.

He is delighted by the transition from working in a large corporation to joining a small, but highly skilled team, finding the change refreshing. Moreover, he is impressed by the team's collective commitment to doing good and making decisions that align with the iwi's best interests.

Stephen is excited for the opportunities to enhance a precinct that has been previously overlooked. One of the objectives for the upcoming year is to improve amenities and transform it into a more appealing location for residents, employees, and tourists.

While Spark Arena draws people in at night, figuring out how to draw people in during the day has proven to be a challenge. The goal is to make Te Tōangaroa a place where people want to shop, eat, work, play and live.

"My background is in commercial property management, so I’ll be looking to draw on that to attract those who work in office environments. One of my top priorities is to make AECOM House an appealing place to work and invest in, with the hope of generating positive flow-on effects."

One of the projects that Stephen will be driving and is beginning shortly is a lobby upgrade of AECOM House. This will involve incorporating sustainability initiatives and improving amenities, as well as upgrading the café and modernising the space.  

We are looking forward to seeing more happen in the precinct and having whānau join us to celebrate.