Hawaiki papa kāinga development

We have one 4-bedroom (2-level) whare available for whānau to purchase.

Homeowner story: Finding the right fit

First home buyers Corinne Lee and Robin Findlay on finding their first home at Oneoneroa


When now engaged couple Corinne and Robin set out on their house hunt they left no stone unturned, exploring terraced housing, standalone homes and homes that needed TLC. 

With a background in architecture and digital civil engineering, the couple knew what they wanted from their first home and sought the location that would offer all the amenities they were after while providing enough space for the two of them and South African Staffy, Ziggy. 

A family affair

Corinne and Robin weren’t just looking for a house, they were looking for a home. When Corinne’s mum, who was also in the market, found Oneoneroa they knew they had found the right fit for them too.  

 “When we first started looking for a home, we liked the idea of an old villa but were quickly put off by the idea of all the repair work. Townhouses were also off the list early on because of how narrow many of the homes we’d seen were. 

“It was actually my mum that found Oneoneroa and knew right away that she wanted to live there. She’d been to 12 listings that day and after walking into what is now her home, she knew immediately it was the one for her. While it’s a terraced home, it doesn’t make you feel boxed in,” says Corinne. 

Not long after, the couple made the decision to purchase the two-bedroom terraced home directly diagonal from her mother and sister. 

The right amount of contemporary

After city living in the Viaduct, Corinne was ready for an escape from the hustle and bustle of central living, while Robin had already been enjoying the benefits of North Shore living while in Mairangi Bay.

Both decided the North Shore was the location from them, as it was close enough to the city for both of their jobs but still far enough away to feel like a retreat.

“In our new place you’re able to remove yourself from the fast pace of the city. The Shore offers a great place for family and downtime. It’s quiet and peaceful but still offers activity and fun for couples or families,” says Robin.

“The home itself is beautifully done. It’s hard to find developments you like when you work in architecture, but we thought that Oneoneroa was just the right amount of contemporary and suited our tastes,” adds Corinne.

A new community

Important to the couple was a sense of community, which Corinne says they’ve found in their new neighbourhood.

“The design and layout of the homes provide privacy but importantly they also allow community socialising. I am looking forward to this new community as it’s what makes a house a home,” says Corinne.

Here’s your opportunity to be part of this exciting, new community with two 3-bedroom homes and two 4-bedroom homes available to purchase off the plans. Planning for stage two of Oneoneroa is also underway. To stay up to date or express interest in the next stage, sign up to our newsletter to receive all the latest Oneoneroa news.