5 tips for reducing your grocery bill

With inflation at an all-time high and food costs continuing to soar, shopping for kai can end up being a huge expense each week.

We have some tips on how to reduce the total of your next grocery shop.

Plan your weekly meals, create a shopping list, and stick to it

Plan ahead and head to the supermarket with a list of exactly what you need and how much you can spend.

App that compares supermarket prices across Aotearoa

An Aotearoa developer has recently created a web app that helps shoppers find the best supermarket deals across the country. All you do is search Grocer.nz and select your preferred stores in your area and search up the price of groceries before you commit to your weekly shop. The app updates daily for an accurate price and displays every item at Countdown, New World and Pak n Save.

Shopping in season

Try to buy produce that is in season rather than imported and plan your recipes around these products. You can also opt for a canned or frozen option instead, which is just as nutritious and can be more cost effective.

Also buying standard fresh vegetables rather than ready prepared ones from the fridge. For example, one lettuce is half the price of a bag of mixed lettuce leaves.

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Check supermarket flyers and online

Checking the latest in store catalogue for special offers could save your shop a few extra dollars a week and each little discount will add up in the long run. Looking at specials in advance could also help you plan your meals. For example, if it’s winter and certain vegetables were on sale have vegetable soup for dinner!

Go meat free

Having a meat-free meal at least once or twice a week can save you a few bucks. Substituting meat with either eggs or any type of beans is a cost-effective and healthy protein source. With last night’s leftover veges you could add some eggs to make a quiche, frittata or omelette.

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