Papa kāinga

Ka tū pari tokatoka, ka horo pari oneone.

A pā built from stone will stand strong, that made of earth will crumble.

New papa kāinga housing

Our hapū housing vision is to see more quality housing solutions on our papakāinga. We are building 24 new whare for our whānau to purchase.

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Hawaiki Papa Kāinga Development

Kāinga kaumātua

In 2023, we welcomed kaumātua into 10 new homes co-designed by kaumātua for kaumātua. The award winning project is home to our beloved kaumātua on Atareta Street.

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Kāinga Kaumātua Project

Kāinga Tuatahi

Kāinga Tuatahi is an innovative residential development on Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei tribal land. Kāinga Tuatahi is a 30-home development comprising of 18 4-bedroom, 9 3-bedroom and 3 2-bedroom homes designed to sit comfortably on the whenua and reflect the landscape of Tāmaki Makaurau and the culture of Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei.

Kāinga Tuatahi is situated on the Kupe Street ridge line in Ōrākei. The Eastern Portion of the project looks out towards Browns Island and, in the foreground, Mission Bay and the Western Side looks towards Auckland City. It is part of the original Ōrākei block and within 300 metres of the Ōrākei Marae.

In planning the site layout and building orientation, care was taken to maximize the sunlight to each of the homes, and to minimise the impact of the wind. The architects were also directed to focus on connections with, and the enhancement of, the surrounding community, the history of the hapū and its relationship to the whenua, both spiritual and physical.

Listen to the "The future of housing is whānau" episode of The Good Citizen Podcast featuring Anahera Rawiri.

Whānau Housing

Our whānau housing portfolio currently consists of over 100 properties primarily based on the Orakei papakāinga.

It is our aim to ensure that our homes are warm, dry, healthy and safe.

In 2014 we began a residential upgrade and compliance programme to bring our residential stock up to our new Housing Standard.

Whai Rawa has invested over $5.1M in the programme.




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